our mission & history

mission statement:

"It is our mission - to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ - to lead men into the grace of His salvation - to teach them to walk in the promises of His Word and in the power of His Spirit - to live faithfully for Him in anticipation of His glorious return!"
our history:
The First Baptist Church of Bay was organized in 1888 on the current site of the Assembly of God Church, or the, "Rock Church," on Brown St. The original building was built of logs in the 1800's and was known as the, "Big Bay," Baptist Church. In October 1889, the church joined the Mount Zion Baptist Association, with a total of forty four members. Rev. E.P. Minton was the pastor. In 1891 the name was changed to Liberty Baptist Church, but was changed the following year to Bay Baptist Church. In later years, the church took the name, "Bay Missionary Baptist Church," before finally adopting, "First Baptist Church," in April of 1935.The log building was replaced by a white frame building in 1900, which served the church until the cobblestone building was erected in the 1940's. The current sanctuary was constructed in 1957 on property donated by Mrs. Ida Blalock. The educational wing of the church was added in 1964.
   In 1911, the Women's Missionary Society was organized with eleven charter members. The first, "Sabbath School," or Sunday School was conducted in 1916. Vacation Bible School is mentioned in the church minutes for the first time in 1941. One of the greatest ministries of the church was in the late 1920's during the pastorate of Rev. L.L. Jordan. The church membership reached 260 members, and Rev. Jordan baptized 139 people at one time, following a great revival meeting. During the ministry of Rev. Eugene Webb from 1949-1952, the Alsup Baptist Mission had it's beginning. Rev. Max L. Taylor was our pastor when the Alsup Baptist Mission was organized into a church in December of 1956, with twenty-seven charter members.
   The church has a long and rich tradition and a heart to minister to the needs of it's community. In July of 2015, the church broke ground on a new 400 seat sanctuary and is looking, with much anticipation, to the future and what God is getting ready to do!