fbc deacon ministry

  The deacon ministry is vital to the life of First Baptist Church. The primary responsibility of the deacon body is to function as servants to meet the spiritual needs of individuals in the church and the community as co-partners with the pastor and staff. At First Baptist Church, the duties of the deacon body are to proclaim the gospel to believers and unbelievers by participating in witnessing activities, assisting in the administering of the ordinances of the church and by participating in our, "Family Deacon Ministry." In addition, the deacons are called to care for the Church's members and others in the community by ministering in times of crisis, providing scriptural counsel and referral and by assisting in the benevolence ministry of the church.
   The deacons are also to lead the church in achieving it's mission by setting a personal example of Christian living, interpreting the work of the church to church members and the community and by building and maintaining church fellowship. The deacon body receives it's ministry from and is responsible to the congregation of First Baptist Church.

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